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Schedule Your Family Security Planning Meeting

We know that your time is valuable. To get started all you need to do is call us at (248) 432-1612 or fill out the form to schedule an appointment for a Family Security Planning Meeting.


From this meeting you will:

  • Get more financially organized than you have ever have been.
  • Ensure you’ve named legal guardians in such a way as to keep your children safe no matter what
  • Understand estate planning and why it is necessary.
  • Make informed and empowered decisions for the people you love most.

This session is normally $750.00 but if you qualify and are willing to do a bit of homework ahead of time, we can waive this fee for you. I am only available to see a limited number of clients a month and this offer is only available to potential clients who are serious about protecting their family members with custom estate planning from our office.

See If You Qualify

Call (248) 432-1612 or fill out below:

In order to hold your appointment we will take your address, phone number, email and credit card number. Your credit card will only be charged if you don’t do your homework, you don’t show up for the appointment, or cancel within two weeks of the meeting without re-scheduling.

Because we understand that things come up there are no charges if you have a death in the family or a serious medical emergency or something else happens that you have no control over even within the two week period as long as you call or have somebody else call and reschedule. Your homework must be completed and returned to us at least three business days ahead of your scheduled or re-scheduled meeting in order to receive the waiver of the fee for the Family Security Planning Meeting as we cannot properly educate you or explain why you need the services we will recommend without it. This is a waste of time for both of us we would rather avoid.