Probate is a Serious and Complicated Legal Procedure

Please accept our deepest sympathies for the loss of your loved one. It is hardly fair that after you have had to suffer through their illness, death and funeral that you need to put their affairs in order. Many people find the court-supervised probate process very confusing and costly. That’s because it is. Consider these thing:1) There are four types of probate processes available ranging from no supervision at all to full blown court supervision; 2) No bank will accept your ability to access funds (unless you are named on the account) without court orders granting you permission; 3) The lack of a will may create unintended heirs; 4) The will may be so old that it is in fact ineffective; 5) Creditors may file false claims; 6) Heirs may assert false claims to the estate assets; 7) If you do it wrong you can be held personally liable for the loss to the estate!

Michigan Law Centers can help to keep matters from becoming more difficult than they need to be. Our goal is to help you resolve your situation efficiently and as quickly as possible. Our skilled probate lawyer will guide you through the estate administration process so that assets are distributed to the beneficiaries, and the family can move forward. Even in cases where proper estate planning was not done, we can help. We have provided families and individuals the legal representation and counsel they need to protect their interests during probate proceedings for over thirty years.

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