Congratulations – your kid made the team! Now what? Here are a few tips to help you (and your kids) survive the season!

1. Be Prepared.

Sometimes games, tournaments or meets will be far away. Your athlete, and other family members who are coming along, will need nourishment. Some facilities have concession stands, but healthy options are few and far between. Bring plenty of water and snacks.

Whether you prefer refillable water bottles or store bought ones, have one for each person. Chips and dip are great for watching the game on TV, but harder to manage on the road. Instead, pack easy, healthy snacks, like grapes and easy-peel tangerines. Look for snack bars that are higher in protein and lower in sugar. Today there are many nut-free options too.

2. Have a checklist.

There’s always one kid that shows up missing some piece of equipment. Have your child create a checklist with you, laminate it, and have them check it off each time you load up. It teaches them responsibility and accountability. Review it THE DAY BEFORE or you’ll find yourself washing jerseys an hour before game time!

3. Prepare what to say.

According to the Fuller Youth Institute, what parents say before and after the competition makes a difference.

Before the game, the most effective things to say include, “Have fun,” “Play hard,” and “I love you.” After the competition, say “Did you have fun?” “I’m proud of you.” and “I love you.”

But the best thing you can say is simply, “I love to watch you play.”

Another way to both be prepared and show your family you love them is to have a proper, up-to- date estate plan. If you haven’t reviewed yours recently, contact us.