An Estate Planning Lawyer Helps You Plan Your Life

Many people are under the impression that estate planning is only for the wealthy to avoid taxes. However, I know that the proper goal of estate planning is to help you obtain peace of mind regarding your family’s emotional and financial welfare.

For most families an adequate estate plan can be achieved for a modest investment and will result in peace of mind regarding the care of your loved ones after your passing or in the event of a catastrophe. 

With a proper estate plan I can:

  • Help you create an estate where none existed
  • Preserve and Increase an existing estate
  • Provide for lifetime and succession needs with business planning
  • Provide for retirement
  • Protect you from disability
  • Shield you and your family from incapacity
  • Help you plan to protect your family both before and after death
  • Avoid the exorbitant cost of probate


An Estate Planning Attorney Knows What Tools to Use

Some professionals emphasize the tax planning function of estate planning. However, this function should always remain secondary to the client’s desires regarding his or her loved ones. Furthermore, most families do not have the type of estate which will generate tax consequences. I know when and how to use:

  • Pre-Nuptial and Ante-Nuptial Agreements – these are essential for blended families
  • Wills – All married couples with children need a will to insure the proper careof their children after their unplanned death
  • Delegation of Parental Rights – for children in the care of other trusted adults
  • Powers of Attorney – For Financial and Medical Emergencies
  • Patient Advocate Designations – For Unplanned End of Life Issues
  • Trusts – To shield assets and dispose of them in planned ways
  • Charitable Donations – To avoid taxes and provide for altruistic desires
  • Business Agreements – To avoid business succession issues during and after life.

I have successfully practiced estate planning law in the Detroit area for over 30 years and fully understand the complexities of Michigan’s legal system. The practice of law is an inter-related discipline. True specialization is a myth except for very narrow areas of the law. I practice in multiple areas of the law and understand how one area of practice affects other areas. My fees are reasonable and I take all major credit cards. Contact me for more information on how to obtain the services of an experienced estate planning lawyer.