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Estate Planning Attorney | West Bloomfield | Farmington | Farmington Hills | Commerce | Waterford | Wixom | Walled Lake | White Lake | Union Lake | Wolverine Lake | PontiacHere’s the straight scoop on estate planning….

You are here for one of three reasons.  First,  because you want to learn more about estate planning. Second, because you are lacking peace of mind.  And third, maybe there is a combination of both of these things in your thoughts. Therefore, you are seeking answers. Certainly, you have come to the right place to ease your mind.

Most people lack peace of mind regarding estate planning  on account of uncertainty and fear. For example, they are concerned about how they will survive a medical crisis. On the other hand they may be worried about  how they can conserve their resources. However, most importantly, they are worried about how they can provide for and protect their loved ones.

Certainly you are concerned whether I understand your problems. Above all, how do you know I won’t charge you too much? You need help to re-establish your peace of mind and create certainty about your affairs. But you are confused about how to do this. To sum up, you know you need and deserve an attorney who will explain things to you and, most importantly, solve your problems for a reasonable price.

And I feel your pain. There is an old maxim in the law that states that: “The lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client”. Even though I am a lawyer on occasion I have had to hire a lawyer myself. In sum, I have experienced what I have described above and I know exactly how you feel. And I want to spare you that pain.


Because my clients are ordinary families like yours, I only charge reasonable flat fees. In short, there is never an hourly charge and there are never any surprises.

In fact, in my office, you will take part in a Professional Estate Planning Process. First, we will schedule an appointment where we will discuss your family situation in detail. Next,  I will create a customized plan for your family for a reasonable flat fee.  The plan will include a Trust, Pour Over Will, Financial Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Powers of Attorney for Children if necessary, and Patient Advocate Designations. Third we will  execute the plan together. And finally we will implement the plan.

Your Estate Planning needs are in good hands.

After all, it took eight years of schooling to learn my profession. Specifically,  my learning never stops because I take continuing legal education courses on a regular basis to maintain and improve my skills. Likewise, my practical experience runs deep. For example, I am a former Circuit Court Clerk. In addition, I am a former Special Assistant Attorney General. Moreover, I am a former Attorney Grievance Panel Chairman. Finally, I am a former adjunct professor at the University of Michigan. Most importantly, for over 35 years I have practiced Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship and Conservatorship law. As an illustration I have handled over two thousand cases.  On account of my experience some people have provided the testimonials below about how I do what I do. In conclusion you can have confidence that I possess the depth of experience required to prepare a custom plan to meet your individual needs.

So, you can get started now by calling me at (248) 432-1612 and scheduling a free consultation. However, if you need more information first you can learn some more at the page on this site named Wills v. Trusts. In addition, there is more specific information regarding Estate Planning for different family situations available by clicking on the links below and on the menu under “Home” above.

Failure to do Estate Planning is the equivalent of inviting Modern Grave Robbers to steal TIME, MONEY, PRIVACY, CHOICE AND PEACE from your family.

That is to say failure to plan results in Probate or Conservatorship and Guardianship. And these legal procedures rob you of TIME because they drag on for years.

In addition, these modern grave robbers steal your MONEY because they require endless fees. For example, first there are filing fees, next there are bonds, third there are personal representative fees. Finally, there are attorneys fees. And there can be additional lawsuits within these legal processes over who will be the personal representative or the guardian and conservator  Moreover, there can be will contests and claim contests and competency disputes. Because of all of this the average cost of probate is ten percent of the value of the estate. In fact, these fees can be much higher. Consequently, I personally have seen costs of these proceedings exceed fifty thousand dollars. To conclude, because the cost of estate planning is modest, it is the best insurance you can have against these problems.

Further, without an estate plan CHOICE is stolen because the law will determine first, who gets what, and second who will handle your affairs.

Finally, your family’s PRIVACY is stolen because these proceedings are public. So any fraud can file a baseless claim as a creditor. In addition, any  nosey neighbor can see what is being given to whom.

In conclusion, failure to plan properly will cause your family members additional pain above and beyond their grief over your loss.

Therefore, planning your estate properly will result in removing your anxiety and your fear. Moreover, when you are done you will be educated and have peace of mind because you will have a certainty of outcome. Call (248) 432-1612 or email me at info@douglaskuthy.com (Link Will Open in Your Email Application) now and schedule your free consultation now.

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Estate Planning for Senior Citizens

Couples and singles over 65 and retired.

Estate Planning for Empty Nesters

Couples and singles who are not retired with semi-dependent or independent children.

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Couples with children from previous marriages who are dependent or independent.

Estate Planning for Single People

Widowed, divorced , or single people with or without Children

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